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Welcome to Far Gosford Street, a street brimming with a rich and varied history dating back as far as the 12th century.

Far Gosford Street is one of Coventry’s most historic streets and has seen many changes throughout its long and colourful life.

Until the 1930’s, Coventry was one of the most intact medieval cities in Europe.

A modern city emerged from the ruins of war, but one street from the pre-war city survived.

Far Gosford Street, through luck and neglect, lives on largely intact providing a unique window into the past.

This street is the setting of a thousand stories from the banishment of Henry IV that lead to the Wars of the Roses in 1398 to the vivid stories of the night of the November blitz in 1940.

Scruffy and neglected it may have become in recent years, but this survivor gives life to the stories of the past and meaning to future generations.

For this city that has lost so much, it is a precious place that should be cherished.

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