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The businesses in Far Gosford Street have always been the draw, and shopping has provided the backbone to the street, bringing people in by working both as a local shopping centre as well as a home to some niche, alternative businesses. It would also be fair to say that Far Gosford Street has had more than its fair share of ups and downs over the years.

After the war when the city centre was being rebuilt it had a period of prosperity as a shopping centre, providing a place relatively unscathed to go shopping. But since then through a combination of city centre development bringing in supermarkets and chain stores, and more recently Sky Blue Way by-passing Far Gosford Street and taking away the passing trade, it had hit a period of decline.

Throughout this period an ever changing mix of shops has greeted customers, alongside the everyday convenience stores, there have been alternative businesses: records, incense, ex-army goods, in the 80s. These gave way to second hand shops: antiques, furniture, house clearances, in the 90s, which was unfortunately then followed by a period in the 00s that saw shop fronts boarded up and buildings become empty.

Following the restoration of the buildings, various new businesses including mens and ladies fashions, vintage/retro goods and creative enterprises have moved into the street. The combination of these new exciting businesses in newly refurbished, good looking buildings and the more established businesses that have ridden out the hard times, has brought an exciting new confidence to the street.

Far Gosford Street is once again becoming not just a route out of the city centre – but a destination in its own right!