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Far Gosford Street is one of Coventry’s most historic surviving streets and is undergoing a huge regeneration. With help from the Townscape Heritage Initiative and the ERDF Programme, many listed buildings have now been brought back to former glories. Dating back to the 12th Century and with over 30 nationally and locally listed buildings within the street, there can’t be many streets in Coventry more deserving of regeneration than this one. Medieval buildings now stand proudly alongside 18th century top shops, and offer people the chance to shop in style.

But it’s much more than just the buildings, as good as they are! Always a hot bed of industry and creativity, Far Gosford Street is now home to many independent, unique businesses that are turning it into Coventry’s Creative Quarter.

Far Gosford Street has a wide variety of services on offer. From eating places to food shops, house renting to haircuts, most day to day needs are catered for – but for those looking for the less ordinary… guitars, bikes, and tattoos have all been established in the Street for several years now. And over the last year or so the number of shops and variety of goods on offer has increased considerably, from ladies and gents clothing, to pagan crafts to vintage goods. But these businesses all have one thing in common; they are all independent, small retailers! The individual, sometimes quirky businesses perfectly compliment the refurbished, often unique buildings in which they have made their home. No two businesses, and no two buildings, are the same.

As well as the shopping opportunities, there is also a wide range of leisure activities. From a quick bite at a takeaway to a night out in a specialist cultural restaurant, there are plenty of places that will cater for a hungry mouth! Or for those looking for a livelier evening out there are at least half a dozen pubs and clubs on the street!

For those looking for somewhere different in Coventry to go shopping, or simply spend some time, Far Gosford Street is rapidly becoming the destination – and as the last pieces of regeneration work are completed and the last few remaining empty spaces are filled, the pull of Far Gosford Street will no doubt reach ever further!